13 September 2011

THE UNILAB (nearly completed)

This is a prototype of a semi-random pattern sequence generator, all controllable via cv inputs(from a modular synthesizer or other electronic device with cv outputs) and gain knobs . I call it "the Unilab", due to the brand of the found box that I used as an enclosure. Small but extremely powerful in creating layers of adjustable pulsing arpeggios and textures, this device is capable of producing a huge variety of sounds, ranging from industrial/ambient atmospheres to melodic chiptune (Commodore-like or GameBoy-like) and kraut rock sequences. A nasty little monster!!!!

The following sounds are the first extracts while using the Unilab with different patches from eurorack modular sunthesizer's LFOs and VCOs:
1. A droning piece using inputs of a fast and a slow LFO, the VCO input forces tuning to atonal. Unilab ambient by tasosstamou

2. A pair of synced LFOs controlling the internal tonal and rhythmic sections. Unilab lfo sequence by tasosstamou

3. Tonal semi-random repetitive sequence, it sounds like an el.guitar riff. Unilab melody pattern by tasosstamou