04 August 2012


You see, I am inventing a new language. When an umbrella breaks and you get wet, is it still an umbrella? It has changed, but the word is the same. It is imprecise, false. I invent new words that will correspond to the things”. This particular fragment from Paul Auster’s novel “City of Glass” has become one of my main inspirations concerning the current project. During the past few years of my sonic experimentations I have often utilized “ready-mades” and "found" materials as means to explore their potential aural and visual sense. Familiar everyday objects have been used as points of departure towards the creation of original sound sources; parts of mechanical toys, electrical motors and fans, old record players, broken alarms and pieces of everyday domestic equipment as well as other dispatched sound electronics were modified and transformed into automaton sound sculptures. The general purpose of these -often ephemeral- assembled devices is to generate constant synchronized or random acoustic patterns and to interact with each other as parts of a wider sound installation setup engaging with and transforming the environment where they are installed. 

These videos feature the first complete series of automaton sound sculptures made out of recycled material and found objects. The devices are based on mechanical movements and intend to be used for the creation of musical structures in live performance. Please keep updated to watch some more videos, including series of hacked electronics and series of modified turntables/cassette tape players and more to come...